The mission of Tosa Skateboarders United (TSU – a registered 501c3 Non-profit organization) was simple: to build a skate park in Wauwatosa’s Hart Park.  Our skating and biking youth needed a safe and appropriate place to practice their sport.  There are plenty of baseball fields and basketball courts – why no skate park?  TSU set out to change that by building a fun, safe, and beautiful place for both kids and adults to enjoy for years to come.

TSU is an organization of Wauwatosa residents whose mission is to give the youth in our community a voice, while also reaching out to local businesses and institutions about the importance of youth engagement.  The original TSU founders, which included a group of neighborhood boys with some adult guidance, had clear ideas about their ideal skate park.  They stressed the importance of incorporating green space and making the park an aesthetically-pleasing addition to Hart Park.  They also envisioned a park designed to cater to all skill levels and ages – a spot that would promote lifelong participation in these healthy sports. And from the start, they wanted a park that would be allow skateboarders, bikers and inline bladers.  That’s where the “United” part came in.

The Tosa Skatepark opened officially on November 7th, 2015 with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

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