Park Location


The Tosa Skatepark is located just south of State Street between 70th and 72nd Street in Wauwatosa’s Hart Park.  Plenty of parking is available next to the park.  Restrooms are located to the east across 70th street in the new Pavillion building by the playground or to the west on the west side of the Parks Administration building. The skate park is open dawn to dusk.

The design of the Wauwatosa Skate Park focused on two main objectives; creating a safe and fun course for our community skaters and bikers, and crafting a park that will enhance and showcase the natural beauty of Hart Park. The skate park was designed to mimic popular skating elements found within Wauwatosa, and cater to all skill levels and ages, so that skaters from all backgrounds can enjoy the park fully.  Both transition and street elements were incorporated.

The design of the park gives the youth of Wauwatosa a safe place to practice their sport, citizens will get a beautiful park to visit, and the city of Wauwatosa now has a cutting-edge space that will stand out not only among other parks in the Wisconsin, but in the entire United States.

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