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To build Tosa’s skate park, TSU needs to raise $650,000.  Donations from individuals, businesses, and other institutions can help us get there and make this park a reality.  Donations from park supporters like you will ensure that Tosa’s youth has a safe and beautiful environment in which to play, moving our kids from public streets and businesses and into their own specially designed area of Hart Park.

If you’re interested in making a contribution by check, please contact us here.

Looking for information on our sponsorship packages?  You can find that information right here.

[alert color=green align=center]TSU has reached it’s initial funding raising goal of $10,000 for concept designs by the Sites Group.  Our next goal is to raise $18,000 for construction plans, you can help us get there by donating below.[/alert]


You can help us reach our goals and make this park a reality by purchasing one of our unique donation packages.  These gifts will help us reach our goal of raising $650,000 and ensure that Tosa’s youth have a safe place to skate.

Each of the gifts below represent important design features of the park.  Your generous gift will be remembered forever with a beautiful plaque inscribed with your name and message, displayed on your park gift and on the sponsor wall at the entrance to the park.  This is a wonderful opportunity to shape Tosa’s future and provide a safe and beautiful environment for many generations of Tosa skaters.

View the available Park Features below.


Ledges are skate-able design elements constructed of brick and concrete.  They are built about 2 1/2 feet high and feature large flat surfaces for grinding, board sliding, and other tricks and maneuvers.No. Available: 6Price per feature: $7,500


Planters are skate-able design elements constructed of brick and concrete.  They are built about 2 1/2 feet high and feature ledges for grinding, board sliding, and more.  In addition to the unique challenge they offer skaters, the planters also feature a landscape center.  Planters can house flowers, shrubs, trees and other landscaping that will make the park a beautiful addition to Hart Park landscape.No. Available: 4Price per feature: $10,000


Stairs provide skaters with opportunities for a variety of trick types.  Flip-type tricks, where maneuvers are performed in mid-air, and grind tricks are common ways skaters approach stair sets.  In addition, stairs allow us to build a park with elevation and grade changes.  This results in a better visual and skating experience.

No. Available: 4

Price per feature: $15,000

Double-Depth Bowl

The double-depth bowl is a major feature of the Tosa skate park.  The bowl provides an exciting feature for skaters to practice flip, grind, and vert tricks.  As a focus area of the park, this feature will provide maximum exposure for its sponsor with the application of stained concrete on the bowl’s walls.  A truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase your business or organization with this amazing gift.No. Available: 1Price per feature: $150,000