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Fundraising Goals

We will need to raise an estimated $650,000 to build the skateboard park that Wauwatosa and its citizens deserve – occupying and beautifying approximately 15,000-20,000 square feet of space at Hart Park.

TSU has reached its initial Fundraising Goal of $10,000 for concept/design work prepared by Site Design Group, which you can view here.

The next step is raising $18,000 for construction plans, so please send your donations in today by going here.  If you would like to forever etch your name into this great project and donate significant features, please visit our donations packages page.

How You Can Help

Please contact us at if you are interested in donating your time and effort to our cause.  Volunteers can do the following to help Tosa Skateboarders United, and again, any help is appreciated not only by the organization, but by the skateboarding youth of Wauwatosa.

  • Contact major local corporations and foundations and inquire whether they would like to be involved in assisting this wonderful project.  This can either be done directly or through grant writing
  • Contact skateboard/BMX industry companies for any and all support they can provide
  • Contact local construction material companies for “In-Kind” donations that would include articles like concrete, steel railings, stone, and landscaping
  • Some of the greatest support we’ve received is that of local Wauwatosa businesses and churches, which have been vocally supportive of the project with patrons as well as donating money towards the cause
  • Our local skate/BMX shops are a great source of help, and developing a relationship with local businesses within this specific industry is paramount in completing this project
  • If you have any ideas on holding public events (raffles, charity dinners, silent auctions, etc.), please contact us at
  • Of course, grass roots community fundraising within the Wauwatosa community will continue to be a significant part of our success

You can also contribute by purchasing TSU-branded “Wauwatosa” t-shirts and decks at Phase II.