Park Design

The Wauwatosa hybrid park features unique touches that both cater to our skating/biking youth as well as beautifying the Hart Park space where it will reside.  The “Plaza” elements included throughout fill the immediate needs of the street skaters and the community.  The park is designed to mimic popular street skating elements found within Wauwatosa, which are routinely located next to businesses and churches.  Currently, skaters seeking such features would have to do so illegally because there is no designated space with such architecture.  With this proposed park, skaters and bikers would be able to practice their craft without impeding local businesses.  The elements of the skate park cater to all skill levels and ages, so that skaters from all backgrounds can enjoy the park fully.  The “Plaza” design is aesthetically appealing and encourages spectators to interact with our youth.

Included within the design are various “Vert” elements that are normally not found on the streets of Wauwatosa.  Vert-style skating is a popular aspect of the skateboarding lifestyle, and street skating venues rarely offer anything resembling vert fixtures found in some skate parks.  The Wauwatosa skate park would incorporate vert elements to help our youth not only develop their skills, but give them a bit of variety that would make the skate park their number one destination.

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